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Al-Tahya Corn Kernels 185g

20,00 EGP
The sauce brings out the best taste properties of your food, adds freshness to the taste. Use as a garnish

Al-Tahya Hot beans 400g

8,00 EGP
Switch to a healthy snack loaded with high fiber and protein with a delicious taste for your family. This nutrient-rich

Al-Tahya Sliced Mushroom 400g

42,00 EGP
Al Tahya Whole Mushrooms belongs to an organism called fungi. They are very exciting and once you learn to cook

Americana Plain Fava Beans 400g

14,00 EGP
Americana Original Taste Plain Fava Beans is made up of a healthy blend of premium Fava beans, water and salt

Americana processed peas 400g

15,00 EGP
American garden processed peas are preserved in a way to keep their fresh color and their sweet taste. Full of

Bordon Chicken 320g

40,00 EGP
Savour the delicious, flavorsome taste of these chicken luncheon slices. These slices are ready-to-cook and are available in a freshness-sealed

Bordon Corned Beef 340g

115,00 EGP
The Bordon Corned Beef can be roasted, baked, or fried and enjoyed on any occasion. The beef not only serves

Durra Plain Fava Beans 400g

10,00 EGP
Fava Beans Foul by Al Durra contains fava beans that are true protein suppliers and a rich source of carbohydrates,

Robert luncheon chicken 340g

80,00 EGP
Robert Chicken Luncheon Meat is made of finely minced and flavored meat. Kids and adults will both love chicken luncheon

Zwan Luncheon 340g

180,00 EGP
Our classic! Our Chicken Luncheon Meat doesn’t just stand out because of its delicious taste but has won many hearts