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Egyptian cheese mix 850g

140,00 EGP
Egyptian cheese mix 850g Mexican cheese - Old Roman - Quraish

Luncheon mix 600g

230,00 EGP
Mixes of Luncheon meat with amazing flavors mix weight :600g

Mix cheese Syria market 1 Kg

185,00 EGP
Amazing mix cheese package with best flavors from Syria Market

Mix natural jams 1 1.200kg

160,00 EGP
Mix natural jams 1 Date, raspberry, strawberry and apricot jam

Mix natural jams 2 1.300kg

170,00 EGP
Mix natural jams 2 Mix natural jams 2 eggplant kiwi Prunes Figs with nuts

Mix olives 1 kg

180,00 EGP
Mix olives Stuffed carrots - Salqini is black - Green sulqini - Kalamata

Mix ready to cook products 1

225,00 EGP
Mix ready to cook products Chicken sausage - Crispy - Cheese sambousek - Plain kibbeh

Mix ready to cook products 2

200,00 EGP
Mix ready to cook Chicken Alakiev - Chicken Mushroom - Plain kibbeh - Cheese sambousek