How to make Makdous

What is Makdous?

Makdous is one of the most famous food in Syria and Lebanon; where people store lots of it once the special purple eggplants season begins.

The Makdous has became so popular that it reached Jordan, Palestine and Turkey, and is considered to be a main dish in the breakfast or dinner.

Making Makdous is totally a homemade process starting from choosing eggplants with the small good size to preparing the mixture to be stuffed with reaching the preservation with the virgin olive oil. All these stages is what guaranties you the best taste to your Makdous.

What are the needed ingredients?


Crushed Walnuts (about 500 grams for each 7 kg of eggplants).

Pepper Molasses or A Mix between sweet and spicy pepper molasses as liked (about 700 grams for each 7 kg of eggplants).

Crushed Garlic (about 100 grams for each 7 kg of eggplants).

Olives Oil


How to make Makdous :

First thing first is choosing the eggplants, the Makdous is often and preferred to be done by a medium size purple eggplant as in its traditional recipe however, some people tend to try using the black eggplants which is more popular in some countries than the purple one and turns out it almost gives the same results.

After getting the eggplants washed and cutting its head roots, add water to the eggplants in pot till the eggplants is covered with water then start the boiling, once the water starts boiling give it about 15 minutes till it becomes kinda soft.

Then we get the eggplants out of the water and put it in a colander and squeeze it gently to get as much water as possible out of it.

Then for the mixture, we get the walnuts in a bowl add some crushed garlic (as much as you love your food to have garlic taste) and mix them, then add some the pepper molasses and some salt (also as like but don’t use much).

Then back to the eggplants after they cool down, we get every eggplant and cut it in half then with your finger add some salt to the inside of the eggplant.

Then once done with the splitting and adding salt to them all, put them again in a colander but this time put something heavy on them to completely dry the water from it and leave it with the weight on it for 24 hours.

Once it’s a new day get your pre-prepared walnuts mixture then stuff each eggplant with it, then place it a jar one over the other while pushing them against each other.

Finally, pour the best olive oil you got (to preserve it) till you totally cover the eggplants in the jar, then after three days your dish it ready to be served.

How is Makdous preserved?

As long as the Makdous is covered in olive oil and not exposed to sunlight it will has a every far expiration period.

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